how to start a corporate housing business

As a landlord, incorporate the human element. Maintain great tenant relations: Forging strong tenant relations opens the door to referrals, repeat … “The decision to start our business with Extended Stay Properties was a logical one. It works similarly to the yellow page: You can contact the property owner by email to determine if your dates are available. Corporate housing is most appealing to people who travel for work and are away on business for weeks or months at a time, and it’s a different style of housing. I would live in casita. Corporate housing has become a great part of business expansion. Pahrump, NV We own the land and building.We would like to start up corporate housing.We have location,location,location for business professionals.Seeking your advice how to get started.Thanks!007cer@gmail.com. I run a furnished rental business in San Mateo County (just south of San Francisco). We are at the forefront of our industry. By the same token, today’s shared housing startups are selling another vision. Comment by Ethan Cooke on May. Developing a successful housing development LLC begins with drafting a business plan. I lived in Birmingham alabama. Directly market our services. You can become an important part of a Nationwide Network of Independent Business Owners. In the recent years, there was a decrease in the surge for corporate housing. When the building has been constructed, you will now invest on the furnishing, appliances, and utilities. Corporate & Short-term Housing is in great demand Across the America. Title: THIS LETTER MUST BE TYPED ON YOUR BUSINESS LETTERHEAD Author: XP Created Date: 2/28/2008 11:37:45 AM Join me for an interview with Avenue West CEO Kimberly Smith, as we discuss the Corporate Housing and Furnished Housing rental business. As a landlord, incorporate the human element. No matter where you live or what your current job is… teacher, housewife, construction worker or any other profession, success is possible with our simple Step-by-Step Program. Determine the ideal structure of the business since this will require a large capital. Building your own business from the ground up is an exciting opportunity, but it can also be challenging. Why Start a Serviced Apartment Complex Business? We are not looking for just anyone. I would like to live on premises and offer myself for the cleaning, laundry, cleaning and home cooked meals to share with anyone who is staying at the time. An exciting new division of Extended Stay Properties, Inc. Start your own Corporate Housing Business today. The friendly staff gave us excellent advice and helped us to make good decisions. My wife is working on our new business in her spare time I am still working full time at my day job until we get more established”. Determine the ideal structure of the business since this will require a large capital. They were selling a vision of the American Dream, complete with quarter-acre lawns, dishwashers and spacious garages. Thank you again for all your good help and advice. You can do this. My wife and I have had some experience in property management, although it is not necessary, and this is a business that we could do part time or make it into a full time business. In case of corporate housing, the property is rented by an organisation and any employee of the organisation on a business trip to the city can live here. Promote the business online through your own site and of course, locally. An AvenueWest Managed Corporate Housing Franchise is best suited for something with real estate or corporate housing experience and for someone with general business knowledge. Corporate housing vs. hotels: How to keep your employees happy, healthy and within budget For the discerning executive, considering options and alternatives for business travel and temporary lodging for employees is a must for effective company policy. In this type of business, it is important that you secure the needed licenses and permits. If you would like more Financial Independence and more time with your Family...ESP is an exceptional Business Opportunity with several price points and financing plans. You can learn how to earn a substantial income on a part time basis and around your existing schedule, by providing a service to travelers from around the world. Thanks Jeremiah, good stuff! In most cases, you can expect the employees to stay around one month, at the minimum. The decision to start our business with Extended Stay Properties was a logical one. In addition to being furnished, all utilities and other services are included. Video 5: Conclusion. It is important that you study the market first. AvenueWest is a franchise program that combines residential real estate and full service corporate housing. Try to contact the concerned airport personnel, so they can refer potential clients to your business. Work out on a business plan that you will use during startup. We offer an incredible opportunity for you to earn a significant income on a part-time basis from home, keeping in mind that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Once you find a match, book the property directly with the owner. The two created Furnished Quarters in … Be sure to figure out how to make your target company’s accounting department happy. Contact major companies in your state to promote the business. Corporate Housing is a $2.7 billion industry in the United States. One of the slogans for HubHaus is “rent one of our rooms and find your tribe.” … Depending on what you offer in the property, the size and the location of the property, the company can choose whether the managerial employees or blue-collared employees live there. The business may also simply need someone to oversee the start of the new branch to make… It is important that you study the market first. Lets face it, there are a lot of moving parts with running a multi million dollar business. You can consult with a lawyer to find out the legal aspects that you must comply with. We are looking for motivated people who are serious about building their own business and who are dedicated to improving their financial situation. Displaced from their home due to water or fire damage, Watch our YouTube Videos for More Information, Video 3: A little more about ESP and Yourself. Extended-Stay Properties Offers the knowledge and support for you to build your own Corporate Housing Business. When you first start in real estate investing, most experts will recommend starting with a rental property. With the nature of the customers, you can only expect temporary lodging.

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