man eaten by snake on purpose

If anybody else has a burning desire to go and get eaten by a snake, they're gonna have to get their own suit made." What's it like in there, Jonah, in the belly of the beast?A whale of a tale, Rosolie will provide an answer from direct experience through the digestive tract. check out more at chilling video of a snake (Python) who swallowed a man in a drunken state. Advertisement A 1,500-year-old chunk of fossilized human poop found at a former rock shelter in Texas contains evidence of an ancient hunter-gatherer who consumed an entire rattlesnake—including a fang. But the Dec. 7 show, called "Eaten Alive," is no snuff film. A snake charmer in Jodhpur, northwest India, was trying to put a cobra around a man's neck when the reptile struck out and bit him on the cheek, as the charmer simply carries on his act. Naturist and wildlife filmmaker Paul Rosolie wants to be eaten by a giant snake -- on purpose -- and live to tell the story. Next month, the Discovery Channel will air a reality TV special that will show a man being swallowed whole by an anaconda. Anaconda man speaks: Why I wanted to be eaten alive ... said that the snake is alive and healthy.) The giant man eating python was measured at 98 feet long. Giant snake, biggest snake ever. Man eaten alive by a giant anaconda snake. This man was eaten by a snake, and lived to tell the tale That’s no typo, he really was eaten by a massive snake. Conan initially touted the sensationalism as a giant snake descended over Andy Richter. the longest anaconda found. Called, appropriately enough, " Eaten Alive ," the Dec. 7 special features filmmaker Paul Rosolie being covered in pig blood and then swallowed by the snake , according to Entertainment Weekly. SAFE to say most of us have probably never wondered what it would be like to be eaten by an anaconda, but this guy has and he’s going to find out. In what just might be the most bizarre concept for a reality TV show ever, a man will be eaten alive by an anaconda. Oh, and he did it on purpose. Giant 700 pound snake caught in lake in Proctor, North Carolina. world; Man eaten by anaconda for Discovery Channel. Late night host Conan O’Brien opened last night’s monologue with a commentary on Discovery channel’s new special about a man Eaten Alive by anaconda on purpose! In December 2014, The Discovery Channel aired a special called “Eaten Alive,” in which a man was to be eaten by a green anaconda. baby eating snakes are the best!

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